WE RAISE AWARENESS AND DONATE TOWARDS RESCUE EFFORTS of women in the sex industry in Los Angeles


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Worthy Of Love Leggings

Meet the "Worthy of Love" Legging. 7/8th length and high waisted design (4 ½" waistband), the construction of this legging is the least important thing about it.

The Worthy of Love Legging is a collaboration with Saving Innocence, a non-profit working tirelessly to end the exploitation and sex trafficking of minors.

$5 of each legging purchased goes directly to Saving Innocence and their rescue work.

"Worthy of Love" - our hope is that this phrase will inspire all who see it to ask "What does that mean?"  By supporting the Worthy of Love Legging, you are choosing to join in the fight to shine light on this devastatingly dark issue.  When someone asks about this phrase, you will have the opportunity to educate them on this heartbreaking reality and share with them that each and every girl is worth of REAL and unconditional love.

One of the biggest ways to fight this battle is with AWARENESS.  Together we are moving beyond just donating and in to a community of people who want to help, from just a campaign to a movement that is saving lives of innocent girls.  Together, we can bring HOPE, we can give LOVE, and we can contribute to a change that will save the lives of those WORTHY OF LOVE.

Bluesign approved fabric. Heavy weight, sheer resistant, and soft hand feel.

Zero sheer fabric. Front waistband pouch. Athletic supportive fit. Four way stretch material. Durable flat-lock stitching. 

Sizing comparable to lululemon